Gene: ACTB

  • Entrez Gene ID

  • Symbol

    • ACTB
  • Synonyms

    • BRWS1, PS1TP5BP1
  • Description

    • actin, beta
  • Type of Gene

    • protein-coding
  • Chromosome

    • 7
  • Location

    • 7p22
  • RNA Seq 1

    Sample Expression RPKM
  • Protein

    Tissue Cell type Staining level Reliability
    adrenal gland glandular cells Strong Supportive
    appendix glandular cells Moderate Supportive
    appendix lymphoid tissue Moderate Supportive
    bone marrow hematopoietic cells Moderate Supportive
    breast glandular cells Weak Supportive
    bronchus respiratory epithelial cells Weak Supportive
    cerebellum cells in granular layer Moderate Supportive
    cerebellum cells in molecular layer Moderate Supportive
    cerebellum Purkinje cells Negative Supportive
    cerebral cortex glial cells Moderate Supportive
    cerebral cortex neuronal cells Moderate Supportive
    cervix, uterine glandular cells Weak Supportive
    cervix, uterine squamous epithelial cells Negative Supportive
    colon glandular cells Moderate Supportive
    duodenum glandular cells Weak Supportive
    epididymis glandular cells Moderate Supportive
    esophagus squamous epithelial cells Negative Supportive
    fallopian tube glandular cells Weak Supportive
    gall bladder glandular cells Moderate Supportive
    heart muscle myocytes Negative Supportive
    hippocampus glial cells Moderate Supportive
    hippocampus neuronal cells Moderate Supportive
    kidney cells in glomeruli Moderate Supportive
    kidney cells in tubules Weak Supportive
    lateral ventricle glial cells Moderate Supportive
    lateral ventricle neuronal cells Moderate Supportive
    liver bile duct cells Weak Supportive
    liver hepatocytes Negative Supportive
    lung macrophages Strong Supportive
    lung pneumocytes Weak Supportive
    lymph node germinal center cells Strong Supportive
    lymph node non-germinal center cells Strong Supportive
    oral mucosa squamous epithelial cells Weak Supportive
    ovary follicle cells Weak Supportive
    ovary ovarian stroma cells Negative Supportive
    pancreas exocrine glandular cells Weak Supportive
    pancreas islets of Langerhans Weak Supportive
    parathyroid gland glandular cells Moderate Supportive
    placenta decidual cells Negative Supportive
    placenta trophoblastic cells Moderate Supportive
    prostate glandular cells Weak Supportive
    rectum glandular cells Moderate Supportive
    salivary gland glandular cells Weak Supportive
    seminal vesicle glandular cells Weak Supportive
    skeletal muscle myocytes Negative Supportive
    skin epidermal cells Moderate Supportive
    small intestine glandular cells Weak Supportive
    smooth muscle smooth muscle cells Weak Supportive
    spleen cells in red pulp Strong Supportive
    spleen cells in white pulp Strong Supportive
    stomach, lower glandular cells Strong Supportive
    stomach, upper glandular cells Moderate Supportive
    testis cells in seminiferus ducts Moderate Supportive
    testis Leydig cells Weak Supportive
    thyroid gland glandular cells Weak Supportive
    tonsil germinal center cells Strong Supportive
    tonsil non-germinal center cells Strong Supportive
    tonsil squamous epithelial cells Weak Supportive
    urinary bladder urothelial cells Moderate Supportive
    uterus, post-menopause cells in endometrial stroma Negative Supportive
    uterus, post-menopause glandular cells Negative Supportive
    uterus, pre-menopause cells in endometrial stroma Negative Supportive
    uterus, pre-menopause glandular cells Weak Supportive
    vagina squamous epithelial cells Negative Supportive
    vulva/anal skin epidermal cells Weak Supportive
  • Gene Ontology

    GO ID GO term PubMed Category
    GO:0030424 axon Component
    GO:0030863 cortical cytoskeleton Component
    GO:0005737 cytoplasm 16130169 Component
    GO:0005856 cytoskeleton 16130169 Component
    GO:0005829 cytosol Component
    GO:0070688 MLL5-L complex 19377461 Component
    GO:0035267 NuA4 histone acetyltransferase complex 10966108 Component
    GO:0030529 ribonucleoprotein complex 17289661 Component
    GO:0005524 ATP binding Function
    GO:0019894 kinesin binding 18680169 Function
    GO:0050998 nitric-oxide synthase binding 17502619 Function
    GO:0005515 protein binding 14592989 Function
    GO:0019901 protein kinase binding Function
    GO:0005200 structural constituent of cytoskeleton 6202424 Function
    GO:0030957 Tat protein binding 16687403 Function
    GO:0051084 'de novo' posttranslational protein folding Process
    GO:0034332 adherens junction organization Process
    GO:0007411 axon guidance Process
    GO:0007596 blood coagulation Process
    GO:0034329 cell junction assembly Process
    GO:0045216 cell-cell junction organization Process
    GO:0006928 cellular component movement 16130169 Process
    GO:0044267 cellular protein metabolic process Process
    GO:0006457 protein folding Process
    GO:0051592 response to calcium ion Process
  1. Krupp M et al. (2012) RNA-Seq Atlas - a reference database for gene expression profiling in normal tissue by next-generation sequencing. Bioinformatics, 28, 1184-1185. doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/bts084